The new Line for Domestic Refrigerators Inner Doors production, has proved to be able, in Test, to overcome 600 cycles/hour, with Freezer doors and 1.1 mm. material thickness.


   Promo 1: Historical machines presentation, for packaging and industrial products, from

    sheet and coil.

   Promo 2: Retrofit for existing In line thermoformers, from sheet, for home refrigerators:

Mabe - Hortolandia - Brasil: upgrade for liners production machine at high speed.

    Electrolux - Curitiba - Brasil: upgrade for doors production machine at high speed.

Esmaltec - Fortaleza - Brasil: two machines: one for liners and one for doors production

    Promo 3: Special machines:

    Holes piercing through needles, for air exhaust in foaming process.

    Electrolux machine for refrigerator-freezer double liners production.

    Roller stacker for drinking cups.

    Rotary welding machine, for blisters on cardboard.

    Roll pre-heating device.

   Promo 4: VOID.

   Promo 5: Second hand, available machines, from sheet.

   Promo 6: Second hand, available machines, from coil.

Promo 7: Special project for shed domes production, under licence (see link to Vitrum Mioni catalogue).

Promo 8: VOID.

Promo 9: Special In line machines equipment to produce liners for domestic refrigerators at very high speed.

Promo 10: Special project for external protective "casing" applied to BAC - Belgium thermoformer, but appliable to any other existing or future in line machines, from coil and/or from sheet, with small or large forming area. 

Promo 10/a: evolution of Promo 10.

Promo 11: Invitation to a machine test, for cooling towers panels production.

Promo 12: Agency Assignment for Brazil and Central and South America.

Promo 13: Manufacturing License Agreement with Brazilian company.

Promo 14: Single Station Giant Machine (for boats and spa production).

Promo 15: Second-hand machine- MI HYD model- sizes: cm 80X56- available in CALABRIA.

Promo 16: Energy saving- up to 60%.

Promo 16-bis: Energy saving- up to 60%- update.

Promo 16-tris: Energy saving- up to 60%- update.

Promo 16-quater: Energy saving- up to 60%- update.

Promo 17: VOID.

Promo 18: Possible upgrades- revamping on older thermoforming machines.

Promo 19: Wavy cardboard production- for packaging.

Promo 20: INLINE machine from sheet- for refrigerators liners production- with negative moulding process.

Promo 21: New INLINE machines- from sheet and from coil- for domestic refrigerators liners and inner doors production.